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Let us know what you are looking for! We continually network with schools, career centers, and professional associations that could be the key to your next great employee. Let us know what you are looking for so we can help publicize your needs to the community! Post your jobs to the Work the Valley job board! It's easy and we will then promote your opportunities on various social media and electronic media outlets!

Post your career opportunities by using the #WorktheValley hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Search using the hashtag (#WorktheValley) to see how other companies are reeling in the fish!


The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber has launched an initiative to attract fresh talent to the Cedar Valley.  The goal of "Work the Valley" is to illustrate the great employers and fabulous culture of the Cedar Valley to both emerging workers (college students) and professionals in other markets in Iowa and across the Midwest. 

Part of the #WorktheValley campaign involves site tours for job seekers and college students.  These "Work the Valley Tours" allow a group of students to see, first-hand, the thriving, 21st-century companies seeking new talent in our community. And they work!  Last year, over 23% of the students taking part in a #WorktheValley event found an internship or permanent position in the Cedar Valley. 

Targeted recruitment events will also be held throughout the year in communities outside the Cedar Valley Area.  These industry-based presentations will engage local employers with a pool of candidates looking to relocate to Northeast Iowa, and allow employers to talk directly to these prospects hoping to "Work the Valley."

If you want to get involved with our next "Work the Valley" event, contact Danny Laudick,

Below, find a link to a spreadsheet that lists several job boards for employers to post current openings.  Some of the websites are based at colleges and universities and others are public venues for workforce development.  Let us know if you have trouble accessing this file and we will be happy to e-mail it to you! Online Job Boards

For statistics and additional data on the workforce in the Cedar Valley check out the Media Center's Publications or the Data Portal.

If you have something specific then email us at and we will get you personalized information.