Value in the Valley

Create Value in the Valley when you increase local purchasing by 5%

What is Value in the Valley? It’s a pledge to shift at least 5% of your company’s buying to Cedar Valley suppliers and service providers. This means you give preference to local vendors and always consider local sources first when making purchasing decisions.

Value in the Valley benefits extend beyond purchases. Building relationships with local suppliers, service providers, and professionals leads to sharing of resources, best practices, and referrals.

This shapes the Cedar Valley by improving the quality and competitiveness of businesses and fostering innovation and entrepreneurialism. Spending local also creates jobs in the Cedar Valley – and the wages paid are then spent here.  

Huge Potential Impact 

If just 5% of all dollars spent by Cedar Valley businesses and individuals outside of the region were spent here instead, the economic impact could reach nearly $500 million – and more than 3,000 new jobs. That’s according to a 2016 data analysis* by the University of Northern Iowa Center for Business Growth and Innovation and MidAmerican Energy.

Every Dollar Counts

Whenever you shift your spending to a local business, you impact the regional economy. Consider this: If 150 businesses made the decision to shift an additional $50 per month to local businesses for the following services and products

  • commercial printing services,  the impact would be $90,000 plus the ripple effect would add another $29,000
  • computer training services, the impact would be $90,000 plus the ripple effect would add another $35,000
  • holiday client gifts of nuts and candy, the impact would be $90,000 plus the ripple effect would add another $37,000

The total impact over 12 months? Including ripple effect, $371,000 added to the local economy. 


Find Value. Create Value.

 Value in the Valley: 3 Easy Steps 

Take the pledge here


By taking this pledge, you commit to shift an additional 5% of your business spending from online or out-of-region businesses to Cedar Valley vendors, retailers, and service providers. Your commitment fuels the regional economy, creates jobs, builds the tax base, and improves quality and variety of business options. When you spend locally, tell that business about Value in the Valley.

Step 1

Pledge to spend an additional 5% in the Cedar Valley. Sign the pledge. Tell your employees about the pledge.

Tip: Evaluate your company’s online or out-of-the-region spending. What might you buy locally?

Step 2

Check the Business Directory/Investor Directory Search for Investors to supply the products or services you need.

Tip: Don’t forget to check the Investor’s website for an online store or information about special orders.

Step 3

Can’t find an Investor who offers what you need to buy? Ask Investors for a referral to a Cedar Valley business.

Tip: Found a better deal outside the Cedar Valley? Ask the local business to match the price.


Take it to the next level by shifting a percentage of your personal spending – and encourage your employees to do the same. We thank you on behalf of the Cedar Valley businesses that benefit from your support. Together we can impact the local economy. 


"There is real value in doing business face to face, with a handshake, and knowing the person who will stand behind the promise and provide service beyond the sale.” 

– Tim Godfrey, Witham Auto Centers

“The Cedar Valley thrives when we keep the local dollars local. It keeps people employed and we all prosper. It is a win-win deal." 

– Dave Krejchi, Dalton Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Inc.

“There are resources for practically everything in the Cedar Valley if you simply look.”

– Catherine Mayfield, Event Connect 

“We try to source as much local product as possible. It gives our guests a better experience, provides a fresher product, plus it supports businesses in our community."  

– Jill Mejia, Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo 



*Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) data analysis by the University of Northern Iowa Center for Business Growth and Innovation in collaboration with MidAmerican Energy February 2016.