The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber is a private, non-profit corporation representing and advocating for the interests of business, industry, and institutions operating in the Cedar Valley. The Alliance & Chamber was created to coordinate the resources allocated to economic development in the Cedar Valley, and provide a platform for shared services wherever possible. Alliance & Chamber programming includes Business Growth and Recruitment, Workforce & Talent Recruitment and Development, Downtowns, Districts, Tourism, and Chamber. This work is coordinated through more than ten organizations, and in partnership with many other organizations whose purpose is to encourage economic growth in the Cedar Valley of Iowa.

Our Mission: Elevate the economic vitality of our businesses and communities

The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber acts as a catalyst for economic and community development through its strategies for growth, which will prove to increase the economic vitality of this region like no other place in the state of Iowa. These strategies will deliver a growing, multifaceted economic area, built within our thriving future-facing cities.

Our motto is "One Vision One Mission One Voice." We are the Cedar Valley’s one voice for business and development interests. We believe that strong community development feeds a strong economic development goal.


Our vision includes four key areas

Wealth creating businesses and institutions grow and locate in the Cedar Valley because of our focus on:

  • A world-class K-12 educational experience and higher education to match, which produce a talented workforce supply for a diverse employer base.
  • Creating a living environment that motivates our graduates and others to want to remain in and move to the Cedar Valley for the quality of life available and the lifelong learning and business entrepreneurial support system that is here.

The Cedar Valley is a balanced economy that grows rapidly through research and development in products process and skills, from private, non-profit and government sectors, supported by vital retail and service sectors.

The Cedar Valley is unified; a multi-county, economic area centered on the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Metro, acting together to build its economy and the factors which fuel the growth of our cities, its business climate and quality of life.

The mission of the Alliance & Chamber is supported by sufficient financing and a diverse force of volunteers, from all business and institutional sectors and age groups.

The Cedar Valley of Iowa can be approximated as the area within a 25-30 mile radius from the center of Waterloo and Cedar Falls. This is an area where routine economic interactions occur daily. It is the economic area in which people commute to work, business supplies and services are sourced, we shop and seek healthcare services. The edges of the area are irregular and change depending on the product or service.