Why Invest in Economic Development?

Impact 2012-2017

The investment made in the Alliance & Chamber's strategic vision has already had a significant impact on the Greater Cedar Valley region. Here is a sampling of the impact of this investment of the five-year economic development campaign FtV2 between July 2012 and June 2016:

Capital Investment
New & Retained


View more on the impact of FtV2 on the Greater Cedar Valley 2021 website.

Ongoing Impact

Your investment in the Alliance & Chamber helps ensure continued economic growth and success of the Cedar Valley through aggressive, well-planned initiatives in workforce development, business retention and expansion, marketing, and legislative advocacy that supports economic growth.
The Alliance & Chamber brings together private and public sectors of the Cedar Valley economic area to support a strategic vision to increase wealth and economic vitality of this region like no other place in the state of Iowa.


What does that mean for your business?

The Alliance & Chamber is your business advocate, continuously working to bring a better business climate, more customers, and a talented workforce to your door.

We provide recruitment services to existing businesses in the Cedar Valley in a variety of areas including talent and workforce; facility expansion, planning, and incentives; as well as government relations.

This is in addition to our efforts to recruit new businesses from targeted sectors of industries that are well matched to our regional attributes to diversify and strengthen our economy. 

How does the Alliance & Chamber contribute to an increased quality of life in the Cedar Valley?

A growing economy results in increased community improvements, enhanced services and better amenities, parks, schools and recreational facilities. We help our cities envision, fund, and attain the features that make the Cedar Valley an even better place to operate a business, pursue a successful career and enjoy life. 

My business is already a member of the Chamber. How is an Economic Development investment different?

When the Alliance & Chamber was created in a merger, two revenue streams were also joined. Our investors have said they want one invoice, but separate decisions regarding levels of financial support for our Economic Development and Chamber activities.

The Chamber revenue -- also referred to as Community Development membership revenue -- accounts for only 35% of the overall operating revenue of the Alliance & Chamber. Your investment in our economic development functions is necessary to maintain the top-flight professional services we deliver in workforce/talent initiatives, existing business expansion, business start-up and entrepreneurial support initiatives, external marketing to recruit growing industry, and regional economic information.