How to Invest in Economic Development

The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber works to accelerate economic development success in the Cedar Valley. We can be successful only if we have the help of business-minded people like you.

Together, with your investment, we can influence, innovate and have a positive impact on the economic future of our community. Your investment will enable the Alliance & Chamber to continue transformational work to create and maintain an environment that attracts more diverse businesses, customers, job seekers, visitors, and residents to the Cedar Valley.

Frequently Asked Question:
My business is already a member of the Alliance & Chamber: How is an Economic Development investment different?

When the Alliance & Chamber was created in merger, two revenue streams were also joined. Our investors have said they want one invoice, but separate decisions regarding levels of financial support for our Economic Development and Chamber activities. The Chamber – also referred to as Community Development membership -- revenue accounts for just 35% of our overall operating revenue. Your investment in our Economic Development campaign is necessary to maintain the top-flight professional services we deliver in workforce/talent initiatives, existing business expansion, business start-up and entrepreneurial support initiatives, external marketing to recruit growing industry and office operations, and regional economic information.

Our Current Economic Development Campaign


an Investor


You can play an important role in long-term regional economic growth by investing financially in Greater Cedar Valley 2021, our three-year plan for continued economic growth in the Cedar Valley. We believe three years is appropriate time to act on initiatives necessary in the current environment of rapid global economic change. The budget to fund the initiatives described is $3.5 million for a three-year period.

Fill the Talent Gap
Goal: Increase the number of people in the labor force by 125% of 2016 projections within the Waterloo-Cedar Falls MSA
Target Technology for Growth
Goal: Identify 120 existing/external economic growth opportunities
Transform the Economy
Goal: Define the Cedar Valley brand and create a brand message

Contact Us to Invest

Learn more about Greater Cedar Valley 2021 by visiting or by contacting:

Jim Schaefer, Director of Investor Relations
Phone: 319-232-1156

Thank you for your consideration of a generous investment to growing economic development in the Cedar Valley. To schedule a discussion about how economic development impacts your business, contact: